Thanks For Visiting
Below are links to websites that I do for friends. One of the first things I did when I retired was to develop a website in order to sell my murder mystery plays. As I did so, I realized that I may be able to help my friends that had businesses or belonged to organizations by developing websites for them.  One of my first websites was for my old grammar school friends that came up with a reunion dinner for us so called kids from the old neighborhood. This turned into a 400 member group and I developed a website for the group.  At one time I was charging Vero Millwork to manage their website, after awhile and since they were nice people, I stopped charging them. My friend Norm who I co-wrote Time Can be My only Friend  with, retired and started a guitar repair shop. Sooo Norm needed a website and again he's a friend. For many years I belonged to the Middletown Power Squadron just one of many squadrons throughout the world that teach safe boating to the public. Needed a website, I put one together for them.  Love live music and found a great listening band (We3 Trio) that are really good. They needed an updated website and I wanted to contribute to promoting live music.  My cousin Dennis has a child, actually an adult now, that has severe Autism. Still working on a website for his foundation. I used to do a website for my Condo association in Florida. I dropped it when we hired a management company.
Doing these website, for free is something I get satisfaction from. As I said before having passed my 75th year on this planet, I now just want to help great people.
    The Website below is my Catholic Men's Ministry Which I co-founded with a Deacon friend of mine. I created the website and do most of the wtittings.  
Catholic Men's Ministries of Indian River County Florida
    New Haven CT Hill City Point Kids Reunion  
    Vero Millwork Great people good Friends  
    My Cousin Dennis' s Son Mark,  Autism Site  
    Teaching Safe Boating to the Public United States Power  Squadron Website.  
    Middletown CT Power Squadron  
    My Buddy Norm. Norm's Guitar Repair Shop  
    Love Live Music We3 Trio +